Power Flushing

Do you want your Gas Boiler and Central Heatimg System to run more effectively?

Power Flushing is a highly effective cleansing operation used for cleaning a central heating system of sludge, limescale and debris. This is done by pumping water with a powerful flushing machine and chemicals through the heating system. The special chemicals that are added during power flushing break down the sludge and iron oxide that have built up within your heating system. By Power Flushing your heating system in County Down you will restore your system to its best possible condition which in turn will increase the energy efficient heating and life span of your boiler and central heating system.

power flushing 


By Power Flushing your Central Heating System, you get the following benefits;

benefit 1

Increase central heating system life span.

benefit 2

Remove cold areas on radiators.

benefit 3

Reduce noise from pipes.

benefit 4

Reduce Monthly Heating Bills.

benefit 5

Increase energy efficient heating of system.

benefit 6

Reduce noise in boiler.

benefit 7

Protect heating system against limescale and corrosion.

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